Monday, February 27, 2012

Made with love

The love of a grandmother!

Every quilt needs a label and this one I found at the Embroidery Library.  I inserted into the design the special little girl's name that the quilt was created for, my granddaughter Rachel Emma.

I am enjoying trying out my new skills I learned in classes at the Red Deer Sewing Centre.

The software that is used on the computer is the Digi Jr by Janome.  You can insert a file that is downloaded from an on-line store or from purchased CD software.  It then allows you to customize the message or edit the file.
The file is then saved and transferred to the embroidery machine and stitched out.

I find the software to be similar  (but a little more complex) to Microsoft's Publisher.

I hope every time Rachel sees this label she'll remember how much she is loved!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rachel's Quilt

Circles form part of the top stitching
We've been thrilled to become Grandparents for the first time in 2011!  We're enjoying this rich experience as much as possible.  Of course being a grandmother means making my little granddaughter her own quilt.  Susan was looking for an underwater theme for the bedroom, and now that Rachel is sleeping in her own crib, I thought I had better finish off this quilt.
Some of you have been watching the blocks take shape over the past year.

Rachel's quilt has turned out really well. For top stitching I stiched in the ditch for the vertical and horizontal seams, but it needed something else.  Since the theme has to do with water, I decided to create a sense of ripples ringing out from a small pebble being dropped on the water's surface.
The circles reminded me of a pebble being dropped in a still pond

I finally have the finished product.  This isn't a huge quilt - 16 - 6 1/2  inch blocks with sashings and a border.

As I continue to explore new skills on my machines, you will see in the next post, the quilt label for this special quilt.

So Rachel gets her first quilt from Grandma.  I say first because I'm certain there will be others over the coming years!

I love the colours

My embroidery machine did a great job

The final product of the quilt top