Friday, January 21, 2011

My second quilt

After the first quilt and the learnings contained in putting that together I wanted to learn how to do triangles.  I visited Along Came Quilting where I learned they had an upcoming "block of the month" quilt that featured learning to do triangles.

In each month we picked up a new kit containing instructions and fabric for the block.  When we returned with the completed block each month we would receive one more to add to our quilt.  Over the year the quilt emerged - 12 blocks for 12 months.  Each month a new technique was tried in putting together the block.

This second quilt came out nicely and has been what we've used on the bed of the trailer since I completed it.  It is Fred's favourite.

The colours are bright and inviting and when it isn't in the trailer it can be found in the van when we're travelling in the winter - a "just in case" quilt should we need to keep warm.

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